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Father, when I become still at the end of this day, and think about how I spent the hours that have passed, will I despair of the little I’ve done that matters?  Will I have taken time to be with You, Lord, resting in who You are, thinking of Your wonder, knowing the sureness of Your power and grace?  When nighttime calls, will I have done things that lift another’s burdens by way of encouragement or deed?   Will I have remembered to use your gracious gifts to me for another?  Will I be able to check off a single thing invested for Your kingdom before I close my eyes and sleep?

Father, this is my prayer for today:  Give me the tight grip of Your hand on mine.  And if I pull against You, please make your grip stronger.  Speak the right direction for this day, Blessed Father, just as You most desire that I live it out.   Place in my mind the ones You have for me to serve today — and how.   Especially stir my mind with those who need some extra measure of Your love, some indication that they are not forgotten.  Cause me to notice the beauty and delight of your blessings.  Stop me to follow the outline of a cloud, to hear the song of a bird, to discover a new flower budding.   Give me a thankful heart, for all Your hand has generously provided.  And oh, if You would give me grace moments — times when You speak right to my heart, personal words from You to me.  They make my soul dance, Lord!   They cause my faith to grow and erase any weariness I have.  They are my high places with you!  At close of day, I pray to have been faithful to your calling in every way you have purposed and to hear You say, “Well done, well done!  Now let’s talk about tomorrow . . . . ”  Amen.