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The skies are grey with snow.  Big and small flakes fall from the sky.  There are drifts and whirls and a white frosting on the trees and ground.   It is beautiful.  I stand at the window and watch as this creation falls quietly to the earth, bringing calm to the day and whispers of sweet peace.  The cold winds push the snowflakes here and there; at moments they seem to stand still, waiting to be told where to go.  It is a glorious sight, Lord.  Glorious.

In the white frosted tulip magnolia, I see five little bird nests – evidence of another season, another glory.  It is a reminder of warmer weather and the small winged creatures who built nest there through the years.  You made those little birds, covered them with feathers, told them how to fly, and gave them the knowledge of home-building.  For their shelter, You made trees with high reaching branches, shaped just right to hold their nest homes, and protect their young.  Your design there alone is incredible, Lord.

There is such purpose of dependency and support as You link one creation to another.  How seldom we slow down enough to recognize all that went into Your perfect design, the kindness and goodness.  It is shown in the strength of a tree and the fragility of a bird.  It is shown in the softness of snow against hard ground.  Your are a God of love and majesty, of power and wisdom, of beauty and graciousness.

Father God, please forgive us for the abuse and destruction we have placed on Your perfect order.  We have wrongly thought the world was ours to do with as we pleased.  Forgive us, Lord, and give us new commitment to appreciating and caring for all Your creation.  Thank You for the promise of that day when all will be restored, when we will live in concert and joy with nature.   When we will live with You in Your new kingdom on earth.  It is our hope for tomorrow, and we give You praise.