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I saw a bird low on a limb looking down at you.

He chirped and turned from side to side to get a better view.

He had visited with the Father in the early morn

and God had mentioned you to him and that you were forlorn.

The little bird then flew down and rested in a tree

right outside your window, as still as he could be.

He saw your tears and heard your cry and knew you needed care.

He didn’t know just what to do or what he had to share.

Then he thought about the love the Father gave to all,

and found a song deep in his heart on just your ears to fall.

He sang about the Savior who brought the Father’s love,

how He walked and talked with men on earth and told of home above.

The little bird sang full and loud and pulled himself up tall.

His melody was one of joy about the Savior’s call.

He sang a song so pure and sweet; it traveled to your ear,

and very soon you saw him and wiped away your tear.

For God had sent His love to you in such a perfect way.

It made you smile, it filled your heart, it brightened up your day.

That one so little, like a bird, could bring a gift of cheer,

could bring you love from God above and bring the Father near.

We each have gifts with which to serve and giving makes us grow.

As we receive, we then must give, a debt of love we owe.

So thank that little bird, who sang a song to you,

by helping someone else today, that’s all you need to do.

Just give your love to someone, no matter – big or small.

Tell another what you know, that Jesus loves us all.

 “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.”  Romans 13:8 (NIV)