I love to read the many descriptions of God in the scriptures and how He has provided for us.  He is our shelter and fortress and shield.  He is our hiding place from the enemy and a fountain of replenishment.  He is our guide and comforter, the One who gives us strength and sets our feet upon steady rock.   

God is all we need as companion and protector, but He is even more.    For He is just as surely in all that He has created for our pleasure. 

He is the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the breeze.  He is in the rain that nourishes the earth and causes seed to grow.  God is in the moon and stars as they declare the ending of day, and in the rising sun as we hope for another.  God is in the birds that sit among the trees and sing, and in flowers that delight with rainbows of color.   

And we find our wonderful God in those about us.  We find Him in the laughter of a child and in the love of an adored pet.  He is in the wisdom of the elderly and the gentleness of a faithful caregiver.  God is in the kindness of a friend and the smile of a stranger.  If we but look, we see Him everywhere. 

Father, how grateful we are to find you revealed in so many ways.  Thank you for delighting in us, that You would give of Yourself so abundantly and lovingly.  Your provisions are full and complete.  You care for us like no other ever could and we bless Your holy name!