Where there is no God,
there is no discipline,
no sense of concern for another.
Without fear of the Most High
man stumbles, flails about,
makes mocking of life’s meaning.

Where there is no God
how can one go forward,
or know when to stop?
How can he know where to turn,
where to climb,
or find rest for the journey?

Where there is no God,
man’s selfish heart rules.
He issues edicts without grace,
he boasts in himself,
he is loud, harsh,
and without reason.

Where God is,
there is truth and trust,
there is right direction
and godly achievement.
There is love that soothes,
and builds up.

Where God is,
kindness abounds,
joy and peace overflow.
There is unity and grace.
Man’s heart is full
          – and it is glad!