Father, I pray to know truth.  I pray to know what You have brought into my life, and for what purpose.  I pray to know the difference in what my choices have declared, and what Your divine arm has orchestrated.  I pray for Your light on my pathway, that I may neither stumble nor fall.  I pray for the quieting of human response, and the loudness of Godly wisdom, for the silencing of fear and doubt, and the boldness of faith and trust.  I pray to walk toward You and with You – not away from, or around You.  I pray, Father, for discernment, that you may be revealed in my life.

Pride and haste belong to man; humility and rest are of the Lord.  Sporadic sparks of pleasure is the best man can do, but in God burns the steady fire of fulfillment.  I will wait on the Lord and in sweet repose, give thanks.  I will look with faith to my Father who gives of His best to those who wait on Him.  He delights in cherishing His children, and giving of His abundance.  His gifts will come on heavenly wing.  He will spread bounty before those who remain confident in Him.  I will trust in God and Him alone, for the finest reward, for the most excellent of blessings.  And I will give Him all glory and praise, now and forevermore!