There is a place deep within the heart of you that only God knows.

It is a place that only He can reach, a place where you alone can reach Him.

It is a place where your Father receives you, quiets you, and rests you.

It is a place where His abundant love will flow over and through you.

In your meeting place, He will reveal things wonderful and rewarding.

He will tell you secrets of things to be,

things that will surpass anything you would know to ask for.

He will delight you with revelations and nourish your soul.

He will not fail you when tired and weak, but come with strength and renewal.

If you will wait, silent and still, you will hear His footsteps on your heart.

He will come and spread joy and peace; He will speak wisdom for the journey.

You are His child, and He is your Abba Father.

Wait.  Listen.  Receive.


Read Psalm 91.  It is God’s word of promise for each of us.