This was written almost 20 years ago after a young woman told me of her sexual abuse as a child and the shame she lived with until receiving the healing of Jesus. 

A child sits yonder,

alone and forlorn,

wondering where love could be.

A knock on the door

(is it possibly love?)

Open wide, then maybe you’ll see.

Dressed ever so well

in sweet talk and smiles,

the visitor enters in.

He grabs the sweet child

and holds her close,

her misery about to begin.

It isn’t love,

it is hate, don’t you see?

Mockery, selfishness, and lies.

It sweeps up the child

before she can see

through the wickedly careful disguise.

The child wanted love

but hate came instead

clothed in deception and lust.

The child took a beating

but battered – she fled!

From the one who betrayed her sweet trust.

In time she prayed

for discernment to know

the truth about those saying ‘Friend.”

In time she saw

with the eyes of the Lord

the pretender, the enemy, sin.

This time she stood

by the side of the Lord

and looked not around her at all.

But into His face

holding tight to His hand

she knew when to answer the call.

This time Love came

and sheltered her well

and showed her the truth all the way.

By seeking His will

trusting Him not herself,

joy, strength, and peace came to stay.