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I have seen the beauty of God this week.  I’ve seen cattle on green hills, the bloom of redbud, and forsythia under mighty oaks yet to leaf.  I’ve watched the sun climb into the sky and declare a new day, as birds heralded its arrival with chirping song.   I’ve seen an abused dog made healthy again by gentle and kind fostering, and the happy play of two puppies, always side by side.  But the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while was the love between an elderly couple – surely in their 90s.

In a nursing home reception area, I watched the kindly gentleman push his wife’s wheelchair to a bird aviary.  There, she pointed to her favorite birds and wished them good morning.  Her husband took a chair beside the aviary and drew her wheelchair close to him.   As she talked to the birds, she would touch her husband’s arm to share her delight with their movement and chatter.  Shortly, the man took her hand and began singing softly to her.  It was a love song.   His eyes sparkled with affection and a smile gave shape to his mouth.  She leaned toward him and whispered something I could not make out, but his answer was clear:  “I would never leave you for anything in the world.”

Thank you, Father, for this unexpected blessing in my day.  Bless them, Lord, as long as they have breath, with the certainty of one another’s love.  Bless them with the certainty of Your love and Your pleasure in them.  May they still know unexpected joys here on earth and wear the crowns of righteousness in Your kingdom.  And someday, may I have the chance to tell them of the delight they put in a stranger’s day.  I am sure they had no idea anyone was watching.

From Corinthians 13:  (Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.  Love never fails.  (v 8, 9)