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When I went through divorce almost 25 years ago, I had to move to a new city to find work.  I left family and friends, going t a place where I knew no one.  I found myself driving in traffic like I had never experienced, clutching the steering wheel and praying hard from my apartment to work.  My salary wasn’t sufficient for basic needs and each month I had to dip gingerly into my minimum reserve.  After work, I returned to an apartment with only a pull-out sofa, a lamp, telephone and small black and white television for company.  Yet I was never afraid or discouraged; I knew God was with me. 

After eight months, I acquired a job that covered me financially, even providing for a new car to replace the one too often in a repair shop.  I learned about the job opening, just hours before the posting came down, from someone who suggested I apply.  Though I didn’t meet all the qualifications, God opened the door and through that work used me as His heart and hands to help others who were hurting and frightened.

When I read in Acts about Peter’s supernatural release from prison, how even an iron gate opened of its own accord, I remembered that time in my life when unexpected blessings happened for me.  Though seemingly alone, I was so clearly in God’s presence and keeping.  He protected me and interceded on my behalf time after time.

Father, thank you that Your promise is true to be ever with us, no matter what.  Thank you for opening doors and for putting others in our pathway to show us the doors waiting to be opened.  Help us to see opportunities to be used by You, and know that you stand waiting to turn our darkness into light.