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jesus111If we do not take time to dig deep into scripture, we will miss the wisdom and direction for our personal journeys.  We read the experiences of others, but there, in the midst, we find truths for ourselves.

If we search scriptures for hidden truths, we will see how there is something there just for us, to guide us through a situation in our own life, to bring order to some confusion, to replace despair with hope and joy. Sometimes it can be found in the oddest places –because it is the work of the Holy Spirit and designed with love for that particular time in your life. We can often test that by marking a scripture with a date of revelation, then returning to that some years later and not remembering what it was that made it so meaningful to us. It is because the Lord spoke to us at a personal time of need in a very personal way.

When we become too familiar with Bible stories, and such could be the case with the healing stories, we risk losing what may be “quieter” messages for personal revelations. We can lose intimacy with the accounts and lose personal truths just for us. What we’ve been taught by someone else is their truth passed on to us, and grateful and indebted we are for that. It is wealth untold. But never deny the Holy Spirit the opportunity to speak truth to you personally, to work in your mind and heart. Fan the flame.

The teachings of Jesus were recorded and preserved to make His power active in our lives today. Read my notes, study scripture prayerfully, and see what the Holy Spirit speaks into your life.

Scriptures to ground you in our study:
The Holy Spirit reveals the truth of God. (See John 14:16-17)
The Holy Spirit speaks about what He hears. (See John16:13-14)
Read those scriptures as if for the first time in your life and trust them.