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It is in fear that faith is lost, confusion reigns and miracles are denied.

When we close the door on God’s abilities because our own are inadequate, we hamper not just His love but the fullness of it.  He would provide so much, but we keep refusing Him in our little faith.

David, the psalmist, declared the intention for those who revere God:  that He allows friendship “and reveals the secrets of His promises.”

We long to be included in such a friendship, but while it is available, we refuse the secrets, crying out instead that there is no logic – and so we deny the whispers of the One who would befriend us.

In self-induced pain, we toss and turn, we weep pitifully.  We say, “How could a loving God allow me to be so deceived?”  In fact, we should be thanking Him for the revelation and watching eagerly for its fulfillment.

Oswald Chambers writes, “We have to live in the gray day according to what we saw on the mount.”  When God reveals a certain matter to us, we should live in faith until it happens.  We should trust His whispers in friendship.  Surely we stop a lot of miracles with our reluctance to trust wonderfully in our God.

How carefully we tiptoe about, demonstrating more fear than faith, forgetting the power of our God.  His joy is in giving; His word declares that He is able.  “My purpose will be established . . . .  I have planned it; surely I will do it.”

But we must hold onto the knowledge that without faith it is impossible to please God.  When we refuse Him our faith, we fail to activate all that our Lord would do for us.  J. Oswald Sanders said that “when sight brings no helpful vision and comfortable emotions are largely absent, the prayer of faith finds its greatest opportunity.”

The words of Martin Luther enhanced such a statement when he wrote, “not the merits of my prayer but the certainty of Thy truth.”

Just how many miracles do we deny when we stare dead center into the face of our problems and not into the face of the Problem Solver instead?  If we would but lift our chins upward and rest them in the palm of His waiting hand, we would unleash all the glory and truth of heaven.