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In the stillness of this morning, I come to give You thanks.  For the air I breathe, and a body that still knows how to receive and use it; legs and feet that take me where I want to go; arms and hands that allow me to do necessary things, and enjoy so many things that without them, I could not; the ability to hear and see and smell and taste and know the pleasure of touch; for shelter and food and clothing.  Thank You for transportation that takes me with ease and efficiency beyond where my feet can.  Thank You for the provisions in my home that make labor lighter and extend my time to do more.  Thank You for my family and friends, for their companionship, encouragement, and love.  Thank You for Your protection that guards me throughout the day in myriad ways.  Thank You for the freedom to worship and pray and gather with fellow believers in Your name.  Thank You for those who pray over me and with me.  Thank You, most of all, for Jesus, who You gave to live in my heart.  Forgive me when I fail to count these blessings before You, O Lord.  For if I counted just my basic blessings alone, those I enjoy every day and with very little thought, there would not be enough time in the day to thank you for the fullness of each one.