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Father, I think often about Your mercy.  Your mercy throughout my life has been humbling and abundant.  Only You, O God, could extend such mercy to me — and to all humankind.  When I ponder on your mercy, these thoughts comes to me:

You created man for a loving relationship.  You never intended us to know any kind of harm.  But man failed You.  Yet You remained steadfast.  So I say with the psalmist, “God’s mercy endures forever!

You provided clear commandments for how man was to live.  Man ignored Your commandments, which were given only for our good.  But even in that betrayal of relationship, You, O God, did not give up.  “For Your mercy endures forever!

Your only begotten son, Jesus, being God Himself, came to live among us, to give us the one true example of a right relationship with You.  Jesus taught, preached, and healed.    He showed us all were welcomed by You by choosing, and changing the lives of, liars and thieves, the shy and the bold to spread Your gospel of salvation.  Your son healed the sick, He raised the dead, and He loved the unlovely.  “For God’s mercy endures forever!

Jesus was rejected as the Messiah; He was ridiculed, and crucified. Yet, even this was used for purpose.  The shed blood of Jesus was to cover the sins of rebellious children.  “Yes, Your mercy endures forever!

His enemies scoffed and buried Him; they refused His sacrifice and saw themselves as winners.  Jesus rose triumphant over death and the grave, over the hard hearts of man!  “For His mercy endures forever!

Jesus appeared to His followers, He walked and talked with those who believed, He showed them the wounds of His crucifixion, and He told them again who He was.  He told them of His love and the power of His forgiveness.  What patience!  “O God, Your mercy endures forever!”  

Then Jesus ascended into heaven, He went back to be with You and sit at Your right hand.  He, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the One who will forever reign and rule.  But in all His greatness and all our failings, He has not left us alone.  He has tenderly cared for us by giving all who would come to Him, the Holy Spirit, His constant presence.  “O, wonderful God!  Your mercy endures forever!

Jesus is coming again!  He will claim His church, and He will complete the purpose of man’s creation.  For all those who confess Jesus as Savior and Lord, the desire of our Creator’s heart will be met:  a holy, eternal, loving relationship between God and man.  It will be so because

“God’s mercy endures forever!”