Trust is key to receiving all that our loving God would have us receive from Him.  It is what enables our salvation, our direction, our keeping, our healing, all that is good.  It is our trust that God truly cares for us that secures our future – in this world and the next.  We trust Him as our Father who created us, and as our Savior who redeemed us.  It is the mantle of trust that our Friend would have us wear as we walk with Him on life’s journey.  Our trust says we expect Him to clear the brush from our pathway, take us around every obstacle, preserve us out of the floods and fires and strong winds of this life.  Trust declares God as our shield and shelter, our comfort and peace, and it is what we do that enables God’s pledge of devotion to His children.

Father, this day we look to You with hearts of trust.
We bow before Your sovereignty.
We believe in You, Almighty God.
We trust.