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Father, I need to remind myself often that You have said we are to cast all our anxieties on You.  The natural thing for me to do is worry, fret, and think too much about my problems.  I wish I weren’t that way, but we both know I am.  You’ve taught in Your word that to carry our own burdens is wrong, and it is futile.  That’s why You said to give them to You.  You know the harm they cause us.  You know that if we focus on our problems, we lose our focus on You, the Problem Solver.  Then, we add worry to worry.  We bow under the load of the burdens, and stumble in ways we would not if we just let You take over.  Why is that so hard for some of us, Lord? For me?  I think it is simply a matter a faith.  With that confession, Father, I commit to You today all my cares.  I commit to You that when a concern comes to mind, I will look up and declare You Master over all.  If I find myself speaking in a negative way, I will ask Your forgiveness and begin offering thanks for all You have given.  If I catch myself stressing over anything at all, my Father, I am going to recount the many times and ways You have seen me through every storm, every uncertainty.    You are an awesome God.  You love us abundantly and always.  You, alone, O God, are able.   And with all of this, I will fill my mind today.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7