One of my earliest memories of my grandmother  is of her praying on her knees at her bedside.  She would kneel in her homemade muslin gown, bow her head with clasped hands, and speak aloud to God.  In the early years, she wore her hair in a wreath of braids during the day and by night they fell down her back to her waist.

Prayer was as natural to her as breathing.  Once as a child, when I was sick with probably
no more than a stomach virus, I recall her praying over me beside my bed, kneeling
before the Lord and asking Him to make me well.  There’s something golden about
hearing your grandmother’s prayers for you.  It makes a place in your heart that never goes away.

Dulcie Pauline Cotton Spencer was a woman full of faith.  In fact, the Godliest person I’ve ever known.   She walked in every way with the Lord and trusted Him with a full heart.  She read aloud God’s word, she sang hymns all through the day, and she talked to Jesus
as if He was right there beside her.  And He was, just as He is with us, but she lived it out better than most of us do.  Her faith was deep yet simple.  No questions, no confusion.

I thank You, most wonderful God, for allowing me to be the grandchild of Dulcie Spencer.  She had more influence on my life than any other person.  Mama Dulcie passed her faith on to me, as well as her way of looking at life.  I miss her terribly and look toward that day when I will see her again and feel her warm embrace.  I just know, Father, that she has to be one of Your very favorites — and I understand that completely.