For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good and not for evil,
that you may have a future and a hope.   Jeremiah 29:11

When I become shaky with fear or anxiety, I remember God is in control, and He is neither fearful nor anxious.  God always has a clear mind, a steady hand, and a plan for us that never changes.

When I worry that my confusion and hesitancy are problems for God, I remember He understands me entirely and loves me completely.   Creator God made me, and He made me exactly as He wanted me to be.

My ups and down may give Him quiet laughter, but they never cause Him to turn His back on me.  They may cause Him to wish I would trust more and fret less, but His plan for me in the beginning is the same plan He has for me now.

I may stumble and fall, I may cry out in dismay, I may ask for things not for my good.  But the one thing I am most certain of is that God will stay steadily on course.  He will not be discouraged nor fail to carry me on to the place He chooses me to be and the things He chooses me to do.

Abba Father, thank You that You are constant.  Thank You that when I am completely unlovable in man’s eyes, You love me anyway.  Thank You that when I fail You, You never fail me.  Thank you, Abba Father, for Your blessings of past and present and those yet to come.  I give You all the praise!