We all need a daily place of solitude, a place to be in communion with God and with ourselves.  For me, the time is early morning.  I love to watch the day arrive and experience the quiet and still of dawn, hear the first chatter of birds, the occasional sound of a cricket holding on to night.

There is majesty in a sunrise.  It tells of God and His abiding love and rule over all He created.  It speaks another chance for us to get it right.

To commune with nature at the first of day is nourishment for my soul.  It centers me and calms me.  It brings clearer thinking.  It wraps me in peace and reassurance that trials will not be forever, and surprises of great joy may be just ahead.  And without question, it is always strength for my day.

Creator, I see Your love in each morning sky, and thank You for the magnificence that it paints on my soul.  I praise You for giving us ways to rest in solitude with you – and cost us nothing but our time. You, indeed, are the Lover of our souls.