Indeed, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice.  — Psalm 68:10

Hearing the voice of God takes trust and practice.  It requires believing what you hear even
though it may not make sense in man’s way of thinking.

One of the most remarkable times of hearing and acting on God’s voice was following the brutal death of a young man’s mother.  Though I had admired Barry’s mother, I did not
know her well.   Yet immediately following her death, I began hearing God’s voice about how I was to interact with her son. It was a strong and unrelenting voice.  I spent hours on
my knees for Barry and received daily instruction on exactly what I was to do.

There were days when I questioned if I was truly hearing God’s voice or simply reacting to heartache over the situation.  I counseled with a friend and she thought I was reacting emotionally and should remove myself from his life.  But I could not.  God kept drawing me back – always, always providing clear instruction.   It was never a matter of my thinking ‘what can I do for Barry today?” but “Pat, here is what I, the Lord God, am asking you to do for him.”

I often questioned, why me? Why not a family member or close family friend?  The best answer that presented itself was learning from Barry that my personality and beliefs were very much like his mom’s.  I was as amazed as he when I would do something that was exactly as his mother had done for him, and there were many such incidences.    I believe that is why he trusted me and never doubted my intentions.  These things seemed to bring him moments of joy – a sense that his mother was reaching out to him through me.

The relationship went on for over a year and it ended as suddenly as it began.  There was peace about all I had done and that it was now time to cease my walk on the journey with Barry.  Other than continue praying for him, of course.  What being used in his life meant in its fullness, I will only know in heaven.  I believe Barry’s mother will be one of the first people I see and we will talk it over in detail.

This was a great lesson for me in trusting God’s voice.  Each time I doubted, God interceded so unmistakably that all doubt was removed.  It taught me that once I was certain of His voice, I was to act without reservation or hesitation.   I was not to reason it out, just act.  And above all, TRUST.

 And when He brings out His own
sheep, He goes before them: and the sheep follow Him, for they know His
voice.  — John 10:13

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own
understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him.  And He shall direct your paths.   — Proverbs 3:5

(All scriptures, NKJV)