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The song, In the Presence of Jehovah, was written by Damaris Carbaugh (lyrics) and Becky and Geron David (music). When I hear it, I feel as if I am being escorted into the very throne room of God; it touches something inside me in a supernatural way. The words express the simple truth, that we can find healing for whatever our need when we get alone with God.

I went through a very tough time some years back. One of the ways God restored health to my body and joy to my soul was through this song. A very dear friend and pastor’s wife sang it to me on a Sunday afternoon, touching directly the anguish I was feeling and from that moment on it became my anthem. I found an old tape by our church choir with “In the Presence of Jehovah” and played it over and over as I took long walks. It was like a release to pent-up anxiety and pain. One of our church soloists sang it with what seemed to me more frequency in a shorter period of time than usual. And I sang it to myself, letting the melody and words take the edge off the sharp, piercing pain I was experiencing. My entire being was calmed and soothed by this music with a solid truth.

Because God fashioned us, He knows what will minister to our particular need. Without question, He gave this song to the writers that it might tell of Him and His grace. God laid it on Susan’s heart to sing so that His love could flow through her to me. He gave it again through Dianne’s sweet angel voice. Even the supplying of recorded music by our church choir before it was “my” church choir was by God’s hand. Over and over He drew me into a sacred space with Him and tended to my brokenness. It was (and is) like feeling the embrace of the Almighty.

In the presence of Jehovah,

God Almighty,

Prince of Peace.

Troubles vanish,

hearts are mended,

in the presence of the King.

This is just the chorus. Follow this link http://youtu.be/ZgQX4lDzpWg to hear the very meaningful verses and the beauty of the music.